I got married 8 days after I met him


Yes, I did. But as most of my friends would say, “no surprise coming from you”, “only you would dare” and I did.

Ever since I can remember I have been in love with the idea of love. It does not matter how I manage to get into the love stories I have, I can honestly just tell you, my life has been quite  an adventure, no regrets even after going through the hardest and most painful heart breaks, I still believe in LOVE.

Always a free spirit, I believe in love regardless of the effort my mother put into making believe that love did not existed, she always said to me “never fall in love, it does not exists”; I guess I wanted to proof her wrong.

This is one of so many stories I want to share here, and I always wonder if in this world there is any other person like me.

2001 I am on my way to New York city, I got a job as a speech pathologist, my first job after graduating, first time away from home, first time living alone, my own place, excitement was awaiting to happen. I made a quick stop in Miami, to see some of my friends, we were all going through the same, independence life right after college, we felt like adults.

I went to visit my friend Daniel, he was excited to show me his new apartment in the city, he had a roommate. Daniel spoke about Samuel (his roommate) the entire time, how successful, and smart he was. As we were talking Samuel got home from work… I saw him, and I knew there was my next LOVE story. He was the one. The problem is that I knew that, he did not know it, at least not in that moment.

Next day, Samuel invited me to dinner, he cooked for Daniel and I. Our conversation turned into sharing our passion for art and traveling abroad, I felt I found my SOULMATE. The remainder of my week in Miami turned into another amazing love adventure. We saw each other every day during 5 days. On the fifth day as he was dropping me off, he say “don’t go to New York, just marry me”… I laughed and said: “are you out of your mind, we just met (but deep down inside I felt so much like him, but I did not want to admit it). Besides I am never going to get marry, I will travel the world, I am married to my suitcase”. He replied: “I never felt this way for anybody, not even during my last relationship of 6 years, I do not need time, I know you are the one”. And those were the words that made me dive in and say “yes!!! let’s do it”.

We got married on the eighth day, none of our friends believed us… some of them said, “we will give you a month, perhaps 6…” Nobody believed it was possible to fall in love like we did. We went against the odds… We were best friends, partners in crime, shared the same interests, traveled, and even venture into a business together with success.

After seven years together, when everybody finally believed that our love was actually real, we even became role models for other friends to believe in love and commitment. However, our story came to an end. Very abrupt, unexpected, and fast. Ironically enough we separated as fast as we met and fell in love.

LOVE is just an adventure, I still believe in LOVE and will never give up on it. But this story was my stepping stone to start working on the most important LOVE, SELF LOVE. That was the beginning of learning to be my best partner, treat myself in a gentle and respectful way, and just follow my truth.

I walked away from it at first feeling so scared, but once I let go the most rewarding moments came into my life.



Wild love


Young and wild, so sweet, yet so risky. Simply unforgettable.

That is how I felt when I found Sebi. Like many other times in my life, I was not expecting anything, nor looking for it.

It was just a random night, I went out with my college friends, “girls just wanted to have fun”. As I was dancing and enjoying the moment, there he was, it was like if the entire place was just empty and he and I were the only ones there. I never thought he saw me though, but I felt like time just stopped right there. Then I found out the feeling was mutual.

He came closer, and approached me, started talking like if we knew each other for ages. My friends wanted to leave, and he offered to take me home; Immediately I said yes. What was I thinking though with all the stories you hear out there. Anyway, I tested my luck. Before taking me home, he took me on a bike ride throughout the city. I felt like a movie character living the sweet story. I never wanted that night to end.

We never got separated from that night on. Every day together, the two free spirits, He was very clear that night we met, when I asked if he had a girlfriend; his reply:”I don’t believe in labels, love is free”. Our love was wild, we could not get enough of each other. Our love became our biggest addiction, we went through ups and downs, we tried crazy things that I would not even dare to try today. Until our lives crashed, literally speaking. We tried our luck with our destiny, with our precious lives, we almost died in a really bad motorcycle accident. Both drunk, no helmets, I flew 10 meters in the air, landed on my head (severe head injury), it left me in a coma for 3 weeks; and in recovery from head, neck and feet injuries for 6 months. The doctors could not believe I made it alive and was able to recover that fast. Ironically enough I was going to school to become a speech pathologist to be able to work with head trauma victims, There I was my first patient. Sebi on the other hand suffered mild injuries.  That was our biggest wake up call, to start seeing love as a gentle reminded of life.

My parents did everything to keep me away from him, going to the States was the best option. Our love was still very alive, our connection was intense. We could even communicate to each other via vivid dreams. However, after 4 years together and due to a big geographical distance, the love story came to an end. Our friendship has remained throughout the years; 16 years later our love for each other is a caring, free and filled with acceptance of who we truly are. No need for facades, no need for judgement just a very healthy version of LOVE.