About Marcela Clark

staire-1I am Colombian American, living in United States most of my  adult life. A speech language pathologist by day, and an amateur writer by night or really early mornings.

I like to write. I always liked keeping a journal of my life. Not so consistently though; I mainly do it every time I am going through a big moment in life, happy and/or sad events have shaped my writing. It is therapeutic to me, very healing. I get to express my experiences to myself. It gives me perspective. It allows me to go back and perhaps realize something I did not when the situation actually happened. It helps me step away from my ego and get in touch with my soul. MY TRUTH

Everybody has a story to tell. Here I go:

I am Colombian born and raised; moved to the States back in 2001, right after graduating from my passion “Speech Language Pathology”. I have always been an adventurous soul looking for that next story to complete my path; all those stories in my life book are real. People that know me call me “crazy”, “restless”, “eccentric”, “full of suprises”. I just think we are all books filled with stories. Some of us chose to tell them, as an open book… I have no regrets in life, I am not ashamed or shy to tell you my story, you can draw your own conclusions, like my family and friends have; some of you will feel identified with what I have lived, what I have encountered, how I have felt, and most importantly, what I have learnt for my own life purpose.

This is what I came here for, to live, to feel, to teach, touch and to learn. Every chapter has taught me that the most important lesson in my existence is “Letting go”. I know it sounds like a broken record, but for my life has been the foundation.

“Letting go can be scary at the first; but so rewarding at the end” Marcela Clark 2008.

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